Ray Maletic

Ray Maletic

Director Victoria

Meet Ray. As the Construction Director for our Melbourne office, Ray brings a wealth of hands-on experience to the table. His leadership in overseeing the planning and execution of construction projects is marked by a commitment to excellence. Ray’s keen eye for detail ensures that each project aligns with our company’s high standards, from concept to completion.

In addition to his roles in construction leadership and board membership, Ray is also at the forefront of our New Business Development in Melbourne. Leveraging his industry knowledge and extensive network, he identifies and cultivates new opportunities for growth and sustainability.

Ray brings with him a wealth of experience having worked in the construction industry for over 32 years and has been with Infinity Constructions since 2010.

In his experience as a Site Manager delivering projects across Canberra, Wollongong, Sydney, and Melbourne, before relocating permanently as Director of Melbourne construction operations. Ray has delivered projects within a vast array of sectors including student accommodation, aged care, commercial, hospitality, residential and retail.

Qualifications include Trade Qualified – Carpentry & Joinery, Advanced Diploma Project & Construction Management, VBA Licenced DBU & CBU.

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