Diverse Talents, Shared Vision

Our People

Infinity Constructions take immense pride in introducing you to “Our People.” Our dedicated and talented team members are the heartbeat of our organisation, driving innovation, delivering exceptional service, and embodying our core values. It is through their expertise, commitment, and passion that we continue to thrive and make a positive impact in our industry and beyond. Get to know the faces behind our success and discover the dynamic individuals who make our corporate culture truly special.

Our People

“I believe that our people are our most important asset. Our team’s dedication, innovation, and expertise are the driving force behind our success. We recognize that the collective talents and unique perspectives of our team members shape our identity and set us apart in the industry. We understand that our people’s passion and commitment are at the core of our ability to deliver exceptional service to our clients, making them the bedrock upon which our company’s achievements are built.”

Chris Beverley
Director – Estimating & BD

Melbourne Construction Team

A Great Place
To Work

Infinity Constructions is a standout choice as a great place to work in the construction industry. Our commitment to employee well-being, professional growth, and a harmonious workplace sets us apart in the field. The company places a premium on fostering a collaborative culture, where innovation and teamwork are not just buzzwords but integral to our success. Infinity Constructions values each team member’s unique skills and ideas, and employees consistently express their appreciation for the supportive and inclusive environment that encourages creativity and problem-solving.

Young Professionals Program

What truly makes Infinity Constructions an exceptional workplace is our investment in employee development. The company offers a wide array of training programs, mentorship and specialist training opportunities, and pathways for career advancement. How we differ from other construction companies is we accept undergraduates of all years on our young professionals program.

Our commitment to training ensures that employees are equipped with the skills and knowledge to excel in their roles, promoting both personal growth and the company’s reputation for excellence. Beyond professional development, Infinity Constructions prioritizes health and safety, maintaining high standards that instill trust in both their employees and clients. Thus, making Infinity Constructions an ideal choice for anyone seeking a fulfilling and meaningful career in the construction industry.



What are your Locations?2023-11-30T12:04:09+11:00

We have two offices located in Sydney and Melbourne. Our project sites are located in the metropolitan areas of both capital cities.

What are the career areas at Infinity Constructions?2023-11-30T12:03:48+11:00

We offer a wide range of career opportunities across many different functions including, Construction, Estimating, Design, Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, Administration, WHS / HSEQ to name a few

Why Is Infinity Constructions a great place to work?2023-11-30T12:01:06+11:00

We are a purpose-led company with a proud history of achievements and stability.

We are passionate about providing our clients with professional service and delivering quality projects/structures.

We Go Beyond – We Enable you to work on interesting projects that will also enrich your career experience.

Inclusive culture – We welcome employees from all backgrounds and encourage idea-sharing and opinions in the workplace.

What you learn and do will allow you to work your way up into future leadership roles.

Working in collaboration is an important ethos of Infinity Constructions. This applies not only across departmental functions of the business but to clients, consultants, sub-contractors, and suppliers.

Recognition and rewards – We have developed a performance-based reward structure that recognises people who have delivered results and have the right values for our business.

Infinity Constructions also provides exceptional employee benefits which include, but are not limited to, access to employee discounts, corporate massages,

What will I gain from joining Infinity Constructions Young Professionals Program?2023-11-30T12:02:10+11:00

You will have an opportunity to learn from a wide range of experienced team members.

We have a strong graduate cohort which facilitates an effective mesh system of ‘buddies’.

We offer multiple meaningful rotations in and across functions

You will have the opportunity to work on a wide range of interesting and diverse projects across a wide range of sectors including commercial, industrial, student accommodation, aged care/seniors living, and hospitality to name a few.

You will benefit from formal training, dive into on-the-job training where you can practice your learnings in a live environment, and have a mentor and subject matter expert by your side that’s there when you need assistance.

No two days are the same at Infinity Constructions. Do varied and meaningful work.

You will learn about the culture, structure, and best practices within Infinity Constructions, as well as the career opportunities and training that we provide.

What are the benefits and rewards?2023-11-30T12:02:34+11:00

A competitive salary – When joining Infinity Constructions, you will start on a competitive salary.

Learning and Development – We support everything that enables you to grow in your role and beyond – from hands-on experience to mentoring, personal development plans and training programs.

Health and wellbeing – Being healthy is important to us all. We provide an extensive suite of mental health and wellbeing resources, including corporate massages.

Flexible working – Infinity Constructions encourages all employees to take regular leave to ensure a healthy work-life balance.


Infinity Constructions “Employee of the Year” program celebrates and recognizes outstanding employee behavior that go “above and beyond” in creating exceptional workplace environments, demonstrating our company values, and promoting a culture of excellence.

This program is now in its fourth year of operation and aims to showcase a gold standard for exemplary employees.

The People Behind Infinity