Scape Lincoln Sydney Construction Project

Scape Lachlan, Kensington Render

The Project

Scape Lachlan is a two-tower student accommodation project consisting of an 18 and a 9-storey tower currently in construction at Kensington Sydney.

The Construction Challenge

When a construction site lacks access to one boundary to install temporary anchors, an alternative method must be employed. Our Sydney construction company team recently faced this challenge with Scape Lachlan with no anchoring access available for the western boundary. The preferred method employed was designing for Top-Down Construction.

This unique construction technique was chosen as it addressed the following issues:

  • Lateral Support from Slabs: The primary challenge with deep excavation is ensuring lateral stability of the perimeter retention system. In top-down construction, each floor slab acts as a horizontal support, effectively bracing the perimeter retention system against lateral earth pressures.
  • Sequential Support: As each new level is excavated, the slabs above provide support, maintaining stability throughout the construction process.

Advantages of Top-Down Construction include:

  • Enhanced Stability: Continuous support provided by slabs ensures the stability of the perimeter retention system.
  • Speed and Efficiency: Allows for simultaneous construction of superstructure and substructure, potentially speeding up the project timeline.

Scape Lincoln TOp Down Construction Site Photo

What is The Top-Down Construction Method?

1. Preparation:

    • Site Investigation: Conduct thorough geotechnical investigations to understand soil conditions, groundwater levels, and other site-specific challenges.
    • Design: Develop a detailed design that includes the structural and construction sequences, ensuring stability at each stage.

2. Installation of the perimeter retention system:

    • Secant Piles: These were installed around the perimeter of the excavation site. The secant piles are interlocking continuous flight auger (CFA) concrete piles.

3. Construction of Slabs:

    • Initial Slab (to the Ground Floor): The ground floor slab is constructed first. This slab provides lateral support to the perimeter retention system.
    • Sequential Excavation and Slab Construction: Excavation proceeds under the ground floor slab. The basement levels are then constructed sequentially as the excavation progresses downward eg. B1 then B2. Each slab provides additional lateral support to the perimeter retention system.

Top Down Construction Slab Installation In SydneySydney Construction Case Study- Top Down Construction

Excavation and Removal of Soil:
    • Incremental Excavation: Soil was excavated in stages, one level at a time, and removed through openings left in the slabs.
    • Temporary Supports: Temporary supports were used to ensure stability during each stage of excavation.

Top Down Construction Site SydneyEarthmoving equipment in Sydney construction project

4. Completion of Structural Elements:

    • Lower Levels and Foundation: Continue excavation and construction of lower slabs and finally the foundation slab.
    • Vertical Elements: Construct vertical structural elements such as columns and core walls that extend from the foundation to the roof.

This unique construction solution has provided Infinity Constructions with an efficient and viable solution for deep excavation for our unanchored western project wall for the Scape Lachlan project.

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